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Welcome , my name is Zoltan, I am a hungarian - british artist from Szeged, Hungary and I settled in Brighton, UK in 2019. I started to paint in the early 2000's ,a suggestion from my good friend and mentor Dr Gyula Torok . Back in Budapest, I joined his painting therapies , to help me going trough my relationship crisis. I would like to thank him for the many useful recommendations and solutions he has put forward over the years. And also thank you for my lovely Mum, who always supported me and took my hands no matter what kind of crazy things I have done in my life, and I can be who I am today!And last but not least my love , soulmate and "partner in crime" Anett Molnar, who is my best supporter.

My paintings reflect my soul, which is greatly influenced by my mood. In most cases, they are the creatures of my fantasy...

Zoltan Piros  
Painter / Artist 


Please have a look at my paintings. 

Zoltan Piros


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